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Talking Circles

Talking Circles is based out of Bengaluru (Bangalore). This program makes it possible for children to come together with ease & express themselves freely without the fear of judgement. Bold speakers learn to take a pause and listen. The hesitant speakers get the support they need to find their confidence and speak with conviction. Over time the magic of camaraderie sets in. They learn to show empathy towards one another. 

We have three programs catering to two different age groups: 

Image by Providence Doucet

The Founder

Lakshmi Mitter is a writer by profession. She has been writing for children for more than a decade. Her work has been published in Teacher Plus, The Hindu Education Plus, Hindu Young World, The Deccan Herald, The Hindu Open Page, Magic Pot, Intelly Jelly & Robin Age. She also founded MerryGoBooks, part of which she wrote and illustrated over 40 personalised story books for children. 

Through Talking Circles, she hopes to enable children to express themselves freely, be open to a variety of perspectives, show one another empathy and in the process grow together. 

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