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Catching up on Summer Reading- 5 Easy Tips

Time of the year when summer vacations are to begin and we as parents start looking up for multiple venues that can keep our kids engaged productively this summer. If catching up on reading is on your agenda, here are some easy tips to help you achieve it this summer.

# Tip 1: Sign up for a good library. Even better if it has a helpful librarian

A good library is one that has a varied collection of books across genres. Even better if the librarian is a knowledgeable person who patiently listens to the child's interests before recommending suitable books if you are struggling to find apt books. If your local library has tons of books and no one to help you choose, use help from Facebook groups such as Reading Raccoons, or check out Myth Aunty's page and/or Beesbookspace and/or AmarChitraKatha for book recommendations across age groups.

If you prefer libraries that deliver books home here is a list.

Libraries whose book recommendations we have loved are:

#Tip 2: Allow your child to choose a book to read

Every one of us, reader or not, have different interests right? What I like as a reader might not be your cup of tea. The same goes with children. They may not like your book recommendation and instead may want to pick something more on the silly humor side. That's fine as it helps a positive association with reading. As they grow their reading preferences too change and evolve. Fortunately there is no dearth of quality children's literature today.

# Tip 3: Be prepared for hits and misses

It is not a great feeling when books go unread or unfinished. However, insisting that children must finish reading a book that doesn't hold their attention is detrimental as it increases the likelihood of them dropping the reading habit altogether. It's a great idea to buy books once your child finds their favourite authors. Until then best to rely on a library.

# Tip 4: Recognise your child as a reader

It is absolutely natural to wonder if your child has read the book cover to cover. Asking pointed questions that make it obvious that they are being tested is obviously not going to contribute well if your goal is to raise a reader. However, if you are worried, a great way would be to make it a discussion in which you are seeking recommendations. You want to know if a book is something that would suit your interests. This gives the child a feeling of importance, a sense of recognition that they are being looked upon as readers.

# Tip 5: Make reading a collaborative activity if possible

It's always nice to hang out with friends and play. If reading can be a way to connect with friends by perhaps sharing book recommendations, meeting to play a few games and exchange books or perhaps even help in building a small community library!

One of the most joyful things is to sit back, relax with a fantastic book in hand and something delicious to drink on a hot summer day.


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