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Image by Lucas George Wendt

Young Writers' 

The Young Writers' Club Jr. is a writing program for the 9-12 age group, designed to cater to the following requirements: 

  • Practicing writing in response to a variety of prompts- learning to vary approach depending on the prompt- eg. writing a story and writing a journal entry are two different types of writing. 

  • Learning the importance of review and editing: Emphasis on punctuation, grammar and writing coherent sentences keeping the reader in mind. 

  • Periodic detailed feedback to enable improvement

3 options to choose from: 
a) Writing session with a little group interaction followed by writing during the session. (5pm on Saturdays)
b) Save time. Login, write and leave in 30-45 mins. (3.30pm on Saturdays)
c) Above time slots don't suit your child but you are keen on the writing program- opt for weekly assignments that will be sent to you. 

All three options include detailed feedback and one on one interaction if necessary for clarifications. 

For more details please fill in the contact form and we will revert asap.


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