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Reading "Magicians of Madh" by Aditi Krishnakumar.

Updated: 6 days ago

The book has set us off on an amazing journey to the world of fantasy. As a bonus, we are discovering a variety of new words being aptly used to bring about the desired impact on the reader. An absolute treat for the imaginative reader.

Who doesn't like magic? Reading about magical worlds is an excellent way to get away from the real world for a little while to simply unwind.

When we were trying to decide which book to read together at the Young Readers' Club, this book kind of came up as an obvious choice. Several fantasy readers in this particular batch who had devoured Harry Potter and Percy Jacksons were thrilled to pick fantasy for us to read and discuss together.

Getting acquainted with the different characters

In the process of becoming friends with the fascinating characters in this book at the Young Readers' Club, we have analyzed their personalities, made theories about what they are capable of doing and are currently on the hunt for the possible evil character in the story.

There has to be an evil character that the hero and her friends overcome.

Parallel comparisons with Harry Potter emerged from time to time, much to the dismay of the readers who haven't read Harry Potter. The question, "Do you think this book is inspired by Harry Potter?" was immediately met with much opposition. "No!" the Harry Potter fans cried. "Although the setting and the plot is very different, some descriptions prompt us to think back to experiences of reading Harry Potter."

The perceptive reader in the group noticed at one point that the character whose complaint sets the story forward, is missing from the scene of action. Speculations became more intense.

"Could he be the evil character or perhaps he is helping the evil one."

"Isn't that too obvious? Perhaps the author is trying to mislead us here and look the other way while the villain goes about his evil plans!"

"So many theories about what is going to happen! Ma'am, I am reading Harry Potter, Chamber of Secrets and I am not making any theories, I am just reading! :)"

And we continued reading as Meenakshi & Kalban dig deeper into the mystery. Will any of our theories turn out to be right?


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