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When A Book Brings Erstwhile Hampi to Life

Subhadra Sen Gupta in her book Clown for Tenali Rama takes her reader on a magical journey to Hampi as it was in its glory under King Krishna Dev Raya's rule, 500 years ago. Filled with wit and suspense, this book will keep your child enthralled for hours together. As an adult, don't feel shy to pick this book from the children's section. Suitable for 10+ age group, you definitely fit in. :)


Keeping in mind the interests of the current generation, Subhadra Sen Gupta, uses time travel in a very clever manner to transport Sivakka and Basava to Hampi as it was 500 years ago. What's more, when they arrive after there after time travel backwards, they are even dressed in the clothes that people wore those days. Sivakka and Basava are siblings and more importantly being children, need an adult to look after them. But who would look after two children who have come from the future? The idea of coming from the future itself would be laughed at and not believed. That means handling the situation smartly and the two of them figure their way through old Hampi in all its prosperity.

The writing style

The language is lucid, free flowing and the story is fast paced. There is not one dull moment in the story. The author takes care to give the reader a little more information while some characters in the story aren't aware. This approach makes it even more enjoyable for the reader. Elaborate descriptions of the King Krishna Dev Raya are an absolute treat to read. Tenali Rama comes much later and as a reader, that was a little disappointing but the story makes up for it. If one can imagine being around these legends in their finest times, that's a treat that any young reader who has grown up reading the witty tales of Tenali Rama, must not miss.

Coming back to the present

Going to Hampi 500 years ago is fun. But what did they do to go there and more importantly will doing the same thing bring them back home to the present? They were having fun there, but would they live to remain there forever? Dear reader, that's a question that you will also ask as you read this book. You would want to stay in that old Hampi as long as you can until the point your present day tasks call for your attention.


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