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Talking Circles

Building Confidence Together

Supporting one another

What We Do

Talking Circles is a cohort based learning program specially designed for children.This online program enables children to collaborate with one another in a variety of activities that enables them to express their thoughts/opinions with confidence. 

Young Readers' Club

We love reading books

The Young Readers' Club is a book club for children in the age group 8-11 years of age. We recognise the fact that choice of books is critical for readers to enjoy reading and reap the benefits thereof. Based on the books chosen by the readers, we engage in invigorating group discussions. We also dabble with free style writing along with vocabulary building activities.

Young Writers' Club

We read, discuss the news and write together

The Young Writers' Club participants are in the age group 12-14. We meet to write different types of writing applications, for which detailed feedback is provided. The program includes a speaking component in which we engage in group discussions & debates based on curated news articles that we read every week. 

Reviews For
The Young Readers' Club

"The young reader's club is an effective platform that brings children together to read, share their views freely, explore new ideas, discuss possibilities, understand the characters and much more. Lakshmi's patience and encouragement has helped build self confidence in children."

Fatima, Mother of a 9 year old


Reviews For
The Young Writers' Club

"Thanks Lakshmi. You put in a lot of effort in helping children. Your continuous support and guidance to my son is helping a lot in improving his vocabulary and creativity. I can see so much progress  in my son... He now knows how to write a perfect formal letter with all key words to thank you Lakshmi..

Subhadra, Mother of a 15 year old

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