Talking Circles

Building Self Confidence


Image by Hannah Busing

What We Do

Talking Circles is a cohort based learning program specially designed for children.This online program enables children to collaborate with one another in a variety of activities that enables them to express their thoughts/opinions with confidence. 

Young Readers' Club

The Young Readers' Club participants are in the age group 8-11 years of age. They engage in invigorating group discussions based on books that the readers themselves choose. 

Young Executives' Club

The Young Executives Club participants are in the age group 12-14. We engage in group discussions, debates & problem solving activities that involve team work. We also using writing as a communication tool. 


"The Young Readers' Club offers scope for interaction, the facilitator's knowledge, her patience, care & love with which she handles kids, enables the kids to speak without any pressure. Kids love her class."

Arti, Mother of a 10 year old