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Around The World In 30 Minutes

Sounds impossible? Not exactly. With an amazing book such as this one, the readers at the young readers' club managed to travel to four different underground cities across the world in just 30 minutes.

A break from illustrated pictures of the real world to amazing photographs.

All of us love stories. We at the Young Readers' Club have done a tour of stories from India, France, The U.S and even from outer space. All of them had marvellous illustrations of the real world sometimes even covering a time period in history. When the book Hidden, Lost and Discovered was put up on display, the group welcomed it with open hands. They said the subject was fascinating but what was exciting they said, was the fact that they could read looking at real life photographs of these cities.

We started our journey in the underground city, Reso in Canada, moved on to Petra in Jordan, Beijing in China and then to Kaymaki & Derinkuyu in Turkey. We got a little added to our general knowledge in the process:).

Don't judge the book by the cover

We imagined that the book is about archeological excavations. What we found inside was a complete surprise. We discovered two different modern underground cities across four countries in which people live in or use for work or entertainment.

The book also enabled us to travel back in time to talk about bunkers during war times, how countries resorted to different forms of defending themselves against invasions in the olden days, how they managed extremes of weather in desert like conditions in the absence of modern gadgets, etc.. We also observed how two neighbouring countries Jordan and Turkey had cities built inside mountains and volcanic rocks respectively about the same time in history. Could it be that people carried information from Petra, Jordan to Kaymaki & Derinkuyu in Turkey or vice versa? That was something that we fathomed must be true.

We were also intrigued by the modern cities Reso and Beijing. While Reso made us feel like we were simply in an underground mall, Beijing was a different story altogether. We discovered modern use for bunkers built during cold war but never used as bunkers.

What must it be like to live in these cities?

This fundamental question led to discussions on the need for such arrangements and how the lack of greenery in the lives of people could make living quite depressing. We left the session counting our blessings such as having light and fresh air in our homes.


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