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Seeing The World From A Different View

A book that shows what it feels like to have a sibling who sees the world differently. A poignant and powerful read that would enable a young reader (12 years and above) to respect someone who is different and offer the support of friendship in whichever way it is possible.

Everyone of us have different feelings, aspirations and interests. Yet, our differences don't seem pronounced all the time. What do you do when you see several startling differences between yourself and someone who is close to you, as in the case of this book, a sibling. As a child, accepting those differences and doing your bit as family to help, may not always come naturally. After all as a child every child craves for parent's attention and love. Every child desires acceptance from school friends. Having a sibling who is different doesn't make it easy. So does one fret or find a different way? (Read the blurb here)

Understanding what it feels like to be neurodiverse

All our brains are wired differently, some a little more differently. So much so they see the world in a different way. Max in the book for instance feels colours instead of seeing them. Some colours bother him. He can only show that something is bothering him but finds it difficult to express himself. Smallest of changes bother him. The only way he can show it is by having a meltdown. The world can't change for him, nor can he change for the world. But there is a way somewhere in between.

Max's brother Frank begins to experience a different world when he learns about that way somewhere in between. Max too begins to adapt better when he finds that way somewhere in between. The book is an absolute treasure that has a little something for everyone to take away. If your young reader looks for humour, the book has none as there is no room for humour. Life is portrayed has hard and tragic too at times. But getting past the storm and finding peace in that middle ground, is the main take away this book beautifully delivers.


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