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When Wordle Found Its Way to Young Readers' Club

Vocabulary building has never been so much fun!

We had just finished reading and discussing an abridged version of the Three Musketeers by Alexandre Dumas. Everyone was feeling energised having discovered what happens in the end. Many were pleased that their guesses were almost right. No one was in the mood to leave yet but instead wanted to have some fun to celebrate.

I pulled up Wordle on my shared screen on Zoom. (Our sessions are online, thus enabling us from different cities to be connected without the hassle of geographical constraints). If you are new to Wordle, it is a game of words in which you need to guess the five letter word of the day. Zoom's annotation facility enabled the children to write their guesses on the screen. Every word guessed was discussed by the group, votes taken and then I entered the word in Wordle box. Each time this happened, there would be a few seconds of absolute silence as the group waiting nervously for me to press the enter button.

The first time I hit the enter button, it all turned grey suggesting that all the letters were wrong and the whole word was a wrong guess. There was a round of groans but we were not deterred. We repeated our process and the second time, we got a few letters highlighted in yellow suggesting that those letters existed in the word of the day but were in the wrong place. That gave us hope and we forged forward with a new list of words. Someone suggested "vivid". This word led to much discussion. While some screamed that too many letters were being repeated another section tried hard to be heard seeking the meaning of the word!

Once the meaning of the word was explained, votes were taken and we decided to take a chance with 'vivid' as no one could think of an alternative word. Patience was wearing thin. Lo and behold! It turned out to be right! We did our own version of a 'happy dance' in each of our homes and concluded the day's session feeling good about ourselves.

Little did I know that the next session would have the young readers looking excited and wanting to have 'only' one round of wordle before we began what was scheduled that day! And so we did one round of Wordle, enjoyed the time together and cheered when we arrived at the right word. :))

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